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return of the taste

Summerish Aegean sea breeze blows creativity into our cuisine. Our tradition-driven avidity seeks for authenticity in taste and recipes. Quality local materials and Tinian hospitality meet against the minimalist Cycladic backdrop in a place of sheer culinary delight: “Marathia Restaurant”.

Influenced by traditional cuisine, Marathia experiments using local, family recipes, keeping the very nature and flavors of the Cyclades in general, and especially the Tinian cuisine unaltered. Elaborate dishes and unexpected flavors stimulate the taste memory.

The Tinian culinary traditions welcome the creative culinary ideas of Stephen, Yiota and Effie, each creating unique dishes, which take you on a tasty “journey” through the summer Cyclades.

With gastronomic routes guiding you through the flavors of Tinos, the creative cuisine of Marathiá offers its own authentic dimension to fish dishes. It is a genuine sort of “comfort sea food”, and one of the tastiest types of Tinian cuisine.

Fresh fish, such as scorpion fish with mint, lobster-pasta, and white grouper with rosemary cooked with white wine prepared in clay pot, creamy fish chowder, and baked grouper-fish with okra, are some of the dishes that make up the local culinary idiom of Marathia, at Agios Fokas in Tinos.

From the very start the hosts’ hospitable welcome and pleasant attitude create the feeling of familiarity. Kanaris offers his top-knotch service and his expert advice on the perfect pairing of dishes with the appropriate wine.

Doubtless that no one will be left unimpressed by proprietors’ passion and creative interest for the client, Nikos and Petros’ discreet, pleasant service, along with the high-quality tastes of the dishes, the freshness of the ingredients used, and the selectively put-together cellar.

A comprehensive wine list with carefully selected labels from Greek vineyards, emphasizing on Cycladic and Tinian varieties harmoniously accompany our dishes.

We are available to answer any customer queries regarding the specific ingredients used for each of our dishes. Please inform your waiter regarding any allergies, or specific dietary requirements in regard to your order.

The key to our success is the use of the freshest, highest quality ingredients,

and in local products, hand-picked by Marinos, carefully selects fish and seafood straight from the Tinian boats’ catch (from Chora, Ysternia and Panormos).

Fish is selected daily from the trolling boats of Lili, and the islands experienced spear fishers.

Fresh fish and seafood from the Tinian boats include: bream, mullet and kolochtypes from Chalkidaio, styria and sea bream from Flitzani, black sea bream and grouper from Varypatades, dolphin fish (Sargos), breams and lobsters from Galanaki, Michael and Panormitis.

Agricultural products arrive daily, freshly cut from the islands villages. Local meat products, and organic extra virgin olive oil from Messinia characterize our dishes, and give them their distinct deep flavor.

Our love for both culinary creations, and the island of Tinos led us to “safeguard” the Cycladic gastronomic treasures, through our own recipes, taste, knowledge and inspiration.

Lightly cured bonito, pickled shad, marinated sardines and anchovies, tuna with bay leaves, red mullet fillet in oil with basil and garlic, horse mackerel liokafto, capers, sea fennel, sun dried tomatoes in oil, pepper jam, Tinian wild artichoke in olive oil.

Location: Marathia, Agios Fokas
Order by Phone: 22830 23249, Marino Souranis

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