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A restaurant for this place. For Tinos. For the Cyclades.

Marathia’s restaurant opened almost 20 years ago back in 2002; a dream made reality that plays out differently each and every day. “Whatever Tinos produces is served up on our tables”. Its fish and cheeses, vegetables, herbs, even pulses … using old varieties that had once almost been forgotten. At Marathia, together with the skilled growers we have partnered with, out of respect we are reviving what past generations made, and what they grew. We are keeping local traditions alive, but with a contemporary, creative twist.

That is why every day we serve different dishes depending on what the fishing boats have caught, what’s at the local market, what treasures we picked on the mountainside, and what smells good in the herb garden.

Every morning that dawns means a new journey in the world of taste delights… Tinian ingredients combined with those from other nearby Cycladic islands are appropriately fused for our current guests.

We strive to answer one question: what can we serve up that will make our guests smile again?

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Fish at its best and tastiest!
Our dedication to high quality dishes and our absolute respect for the environment has resulted in the development of an innovative, unique type of equipment for maturing fish in a completely safe way. It’s an innovative piece of technology we’ve developed in partnership with Italian scientists; technology that has been patented internationally and been presented at the world’s largest food fairs.
Making our commitment to “zero waste” a reality, the fewest possible ingredients our used every day to produce our dishes.

There for you from breakfast to late evening
In a relaxed environment dominated by the dry stone walls, timber and reed canes -a typical feature of Tinos- enjoy a genuine buffet breakfast from 08:00 to 11:30 as you savour the views of Delos and Mykonos.
From 12:30 to 23:30 Marathia serves its menu of the day. Our bar offers fine coffee and refreshing cocktails. Enjoy them as you listen to your favourite retro tracks.
For those who prefer more privacy, our remote monastery-like table can accommodate up to 12 people.

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Enjoy a dive on the island’s southern, leeward side
Agios Fokas beach is the largest on the island, at 2 km long.
Marathia’s beach bar is located in a charming spot -fortunate one might even say- since the mountain and the tamarisk trees shelter it from the wind.
As you sit right at the water’s edge, choose special, different dishes every day that are totally unlike the classic snacks we’ve all become used to.

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